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As you press onwards into the corridor, whispers of the tales you have heard about this place invade your mind. A haunted, horrifying place, travellers warn, where the floors glisten wet with the blood of ghosts and the walls will swallow you whole...

The Bloodied Bowl is a free, horror-themed tabletop RPG map as part of our Encounter of the Week series. Designed with the Modular Realms’ Adventurer's Floor Tiles pack, and with options to add cobblestone/walls, this free D&D map can also be changed to work with other roleplaying systems.

Check it out here! The Bloodied Bowl encounter free download

Our encounters are free to download and print for personal use. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think could be interested; however, please don’t further publish the PDF online or in print without the author’s written consent.

Ominous and spooky, this encounter will keep your players scared about what might emerge from the dark. Inspired by upcoming halloween, this game is great for an October 31st horror session, or just for general thrills throughout the year. I've designed the encounter for level 5 players, but by adding or removing the number of mirror monstrosities, you could easily change the appropriate level. This encounter also plays with the magnetism of our terrain. We've found that sticking the tiles to a variety of different things can really spice up the session! For this encounter, we used a white board and propped it up on the table with a water bottle. On the PDF, you can find a photo of the map and details about each part of the temple. The PDF also has a good starting blurb to set the scene, a brief overview of the encounter, a backstory for those characters that like asking questions, and a few extra tips for running your game! To help with organisation, it’s designed so you have the essentials all on one page.

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