What size is the Wizard Tome Packaging?

25 x 18 x 4.5 cm


Where are the terrain tiles currently made?

We are working with a manufacturer in Yorkshire, England. The terrain is moulded and produced in Haworth (a genuine medieval town! a wonderful happy coincidence that that is where the manufacturer is based!).


Do I have to pay customs on tiles shipped to Europe?

Yes, I'm afraid so. We tried to pay for all the customs ourselves when shipping to Europe for the second Kickstarter and it was a real struggle. I found the forms confusing, time consuming and expensive so it ended up just not being worth it for me at the moment.

Maybe later when we're not such a small business it will be feasible again but for now all customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer to pay.


We heard you are running a Kickstarter ... what is a Kickstarter?

A Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign. In essence, customers are able to 'back' a project by pledging a certain amount of money for a reward. In the case of our kickstarter campaign it works exactly like pre-ordering the sets. Only if the campaign is successful will money be withdrawn from backers accounts, and the rewards (Adventurer's Packs etc.) will start to be sent out.


Can I buy the stl files for the designs?

I'm afraid not. I am only selling the terrain fully assembled.


Is your terrain compatible with Dwarven Forge?

Yes. There is a slight difference in height (Modular Realms tiles are a quarter of an inch thick whilst Dwarvern Forge tiles are half an inch thick) but beyond that they work perfectly well together.

Many of my customers happily blend terrain packs from both our companies (and others such as WarLock or Ettinstone tiles) to great effect.