About Us

The Shorter Story


Modular RealmsTM is a company that designs magnetic, double-sided, flatpack modular terrain for tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG’s) such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer etc. using our patent-pending magnetic system!


Our aim as a company is to make affordable, versatile gaming pieces that are everything that I as a DM would want to see!  All of our products are designed and made by me, Annabelle.


The Longer Story


I got into Dungeons and Dragons about three years ago now, and it was love at first dice. After about six months I started to DM games and make maps and terrain out of pizza boxes and polystyrene packaging. The more I got into it, the further I wanted to push my terrain designs.

I wanted pieces that could flatpack, so I could easily put them in my bag when going to friends houses, or pack them away at the end of the day. They needed to be able to be set up quickly, so I didn't have to waste time at the start of each session. I wanted each piece to stick to each other so I could set up a game anywhere (we have even had successful games on picnic rugs and at the beach!) and for the ability to build taller and taller towers for my wizards to hide in.

The other thing I wanted in my terrain was the ability to easily remove walls without compromising the integral structure of a tower. Now, if the party is split with one sneaking up the tower on their own for example, I can remove a wall just for them to see the lay out, whilst players on the other side of the table are still in the dark. When it came to choosing the material for my pieces to be made of, I went for a recycled and recyclable plastic. I have made this project everything that I as a DM want and love! 

Each new design that will come out in the future will be inspired by my players currently living in my homebrew kingdoms and principalities called the Modular Realms. They are my primary beta testers and what choices they make in the game could well decide what new terrain type I start developing next. Thanks guys, you know who you are ;)

Of course, starting a business can be a lot so helping me with production and distribution is my mum and possibly best person in the world, Sandra. Each piece you receive will have passed through either one of our hands. At the moment we are a small family business but we have big plans! 

We hope you enjoy our products and thank you for supporting us!



p.s. Just in case you guys want to read some of the articles that have been posted about us (because we have newspaper articles now! O.o ) I thought I would collate them in one space here!


1st article ever written about us, thanks to the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland. I have a lot of really great friends there so you should check them out!

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