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Lovely tiles, lovely store

I ordered my first Modular Realms tiles about a year ago and I love them so much I bought a whole batch more! The standard sets are just what you need to get started and the "book" cases are great for storage. That being said, I couldn't get enough! With my second order, I tried this custom-painted set, and Annabelle is so nice to work with on the custom colors I wanted. The pieces turned out beautiful and I can't wait to pull out my new cave-colored tiles and fancy red flooring.
If (let's be real--when) I order again, I'll probably get more custom-painted pieces because these were great. Modular Realms has got at least one big fan across the pond ;)

Eyyyy! It was a lot of fun to paint! Your idea of getting a color scheme to match with Dwarven Forge tiles was a really good one! I might steal that and make it a regular option in the future ;)
You were a joy to work with!
And thank you for taking the time to write me a review - really appreciate it :) :)

Amazing tiles!!

We brought this pack along with dungeon lord at UK games expo after seeing how good they were and buying a game at a previous stand that has squares on the board, we knew the tiles could be used for this game, we’ve since used them whilst playing the game and I love them! Can’t wait to purchase even more stuff in the future! I’ve also never been into painting, but I’ve enjoyed painting the wooden looking tiles, since watching the how to paint section on the sellers Twitch! Thank you for that!

Thanks Hayley! :D
I love that the terrain gets used for games other than Dungeons and Dragons! That makes me happy :)
Excited to hear you found my painting Twitch stream useful! :D That's awesome!! <3

Dungeon Lord Pack

I picked up the dungeon lord pack after being blown away by it at UK Games Expo.

If you're playing a game after work, terrain and scenery are the last things you consider when packing your bag. No one wants to carry chunky scenery on the tube!
Modular Realms solves this in a beautifully innovative way. The 1" grids are perfect for games of Relicblade or even Hero Quest.

Dungeon Lord Pack
Matthew Dixon
Exactly what I was looking for!

These tiles and walls are so flexible and quick to setup a new scene. I wanted walls I could easily add to battlemaps without hiding the map. I wanted to build vertically as well as horizontally. This set is convenient and looks great!

Thank you! I'm really happy to hear they works so well for you! :D
And thank you for reviewing my dungeon tiles, I really appreciate your support! :) :)

A clever & unique storage container

I have 3 of these and they're a great idea for a storage container.
They're solidly built and can take a decent amount of terrain per book. Each of mine holds a complete Dungeon Lord pack, so there's plenty of room.
They're also the right size for fitting on a bookshelf as described, they fit well alongside other books or into a dedicated bookshelf for your TTRPG accessories.

A great pack with a lot of terrain

This is a great pack if you want a lot of terrain for a good price.
I have purchased a few of these for use in my DnD sessions and the terrain is of a high quality and delivers on what it describes.
The magnets are comfortably strong for both ease of clicking & holding together, and also to allow stable vertical building.
The tile design is well formed and patterned nicely so that you do not have inconsistencies at the edges. And for this pack it all comes in the fancy Wizard storage book which is a great storage idea.

Thanks Noon! I'm really glad you liked the terrain and really appreciate your support :)
I hope you have many wonderful games! :) :)

Gorgeous, easy to paint and my players love them

Well I love them. Huge amount of terrain for the price, they are super easy to use and integrate really well with paper maps, props and other terrain. The tutorial videos for how to paint were easy to follow and the finished article looks so good. They have noticeably increased the immersion in our games and when not in use the players find quietly fiddling with the tiles strangely relaxing. Absolutely brilliant and I shall buy more.

Eyyy! Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it! :D