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Very creative!

The pieces fit together well, they'll be perfect for exploring dungeons and designing custom environments

Variety Floor Pack
Vernon Jeffcoat
Amazing. Worth every penny!!

Found this site looking for tiles for DND. I bought the value flooring pack, mixed textures. This was an amazing addition to my DND supplies. Will definitely buy an additional pack in the near future.
Magnets are strong enough to hold together.
The quality of the tiles are amazing, A+
Shipping was very fast for being on the east coast of America since it was coming across the pond. 4 days from ordering to house!!!
I must stress that these titles are absolutely worth the price. Very versatile, easy to paint, exciting to use, an overall fantastic experience from purchasing to use.
Would give six stars if possible.

Excellent product, exceeding expectations

I got my mixed terrain pack delivery within a week and the versatility of the pieces surprised me even more than expected. The rotating magnets are really the key to this being a superior system compared to others I have seen, because it doesn't matter where or how you snap on; you can make shapes beyond straight walls or floors. Slanting roofs, rounded walls, stairs, battlements... No problem.

When the package arrived, I gave it to my 10 year old son and it took him all of 5 minutes to build a castle from which his lego mini's could withstand an onslaught from a hoard of dinosaurs. (the mini's lost, they always do) I spent the next evening painting the terrain with my kids using the same method Annabelle showcases on this site (with speedpaint and some glue and grass). It was so easy even my 6 year old could join in the fun and it looks fantastic. That friday, I used it at my D&D session. Everyone was impressed with how easy I as DM clicked together the dungeon map on the fly according to players positions, created elevations in terrain, and simulated spell effects just by snapping a few pieces together. Yes, it really exceeded my expectations. The wizard spellbook carrying case is just a sweet cherry on an already delicious pie.

As the kids would say: recommend 10/10.

Smart Dungeon Tiles

Bought 2 Packs: Dungeon Lord and Variety Floor. Shipment was fast, but EU customers should keep in mind the additional taxes. Service was excellent. My own painting skills not so much, as you can see on the picture.
Will use the products to assemble small to medium dungeons. This can be done very quickly and due to the magnets the whole thing is quite stable and can easily be moved - 5 Stars for a really smart idea and useful product.

Dungeon Lord Pack
Stephen Carter
Stellar product and service!

This is the second Dungeon Lord Pack I have ordered. The delivery from the UK to Texas was extremely fast, the book box that it comes in is not only useful but looks great with my game books and the tiles are just delightfully useful! I run on the fly a lot and these let me just go with my on the spot ideas. Some 3d builds I used on top of a magnatiles board as well.

Awesome magnetic tiles!!

Let's just say that my expectation were high and they were met!

Quick-Build Pack
Stian Håland

Awesome quality. Above expectation.

Adventurer Pack
Frans van der Hoeven
I love these!

Painting them was a breeze (although admittedly I had some help from my wife). Love them, need more, and that's pretty much all I have to say.

Variety Floor Pack
Frans van der Hoeven
Simply phenomenal

I can't wait to use these in my next session. The only problem I have with these is that my wallet won't allow me to buy more.

Dungeon Lord Pack
Darren Hanratty
Excellent product!

Great design, easy to fit together, and quickly. Great to be able to put together a battle map on the fly.

I did have some problems with the delivery, but that was UPS, not the seller, so I won't knock down the review of a great product!

Looking forward to making further purchases if new designs are released in fact!!

Hi Darren!

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! I'm sorry to hear you had issues with UPS, that's always frustrating. If it happens again please feel free to email me if there's something I can do to help! :)

Eyyy! I'm designing some new things now actually so there will be some exciting changes coming up in the next few months! :D

Thank you again for taking the time to write such a lovely review!

Excellent quality, beautifully painted

My son and I were wowed! Beautiful, high quality and sturdy. We look forward to years of fun dungeoneering. Kudos to the maker! Also, arrived faster than we expected.
Highly recommend!

Eyyyyy! I'm really glad to hear it! Thank you Franco, that means a lot to me!
I wish you many happy years of adventuring!
- Annabelle

Adventurer Pack
Bryan Irving
An Outstanding Product, Well Designed

My wife bought me my first set of these tiles for Christmas. I say first because, having received them it is certain that we will buy more in the future!
She got me the adventurers pack to begin with and we are both impressed by the amount of tiles included and just how much dungeon area you can create with it. The magnets reduce the chance of tiles "Drifting" in play without having to use fiddly grips to keep them together, making it far faster to assemble your dungeon in-game as the PCs discover it.

They also lend themselves well to building up in 3 dimensions, letting sneaky enemies shoot down on your hapless PCs from above, or giving your PCs the height advantage.

The painting was nice and easy, storage is similarly easy.

I can highly recommend these tiles and after 3 years of playing mostly on VTTs, these tiles have me excited to run face-to-face games again.

I'll be debuting them at a game for our local youth centre kids, most of whom have never played an RPG before, and I think they are going to love them.

Oh wow! I was just smiling the whole time reading this, thank you!
I'm so glad to hear you liked them! Honestly, it really means a lot to me.

I'm really excited to hear the terrain has inspired you to play face to face games again! I love the connection that comes from sitting round a table together and the idea that I've inspired that for someone else is really cool to me!
Also love to hear that you're running a game at the local youth centre, that's really awesome! :D

Thank you again for taking the time to write such a lovely review! :) :)

- Annabells

Dungeon Lord Pack
Mike Stead
So glad I bought these

I’ve been looking for a flexible mapping system for my dungeons and dragons crew. As well as something that is flexible to build tiers on a battlefield. I stumbled across your product my accident and it’s amazing.

I can quickly build a floor plan, a dungeon or even a sniper tower so efficiently and it packs away to nothing.

I’m recommending this to all my friends, the system is unique and flexible. Now I just gotta paint all this.

What would be cool in the next set would be doors and window call pieces and maybe a bit of dungeon furniture. Chests Alters fountains and other such things that a dungeoneer find in all those crypts and labyrinths.

Hi Mike!
Thank you for your review! I'm so glad you like my dungeon tiles, I design them myself and it means the world to me to hear that other people find them cool too! :D :D

It's funny you should mention doors and windows and scatter ... ;)
(I'm currently doing the prototyping for some things right now that will look cool and work with the system in a really flexible and intuitive (I hope!) way :D
Hadn't actually considered an alter or fountain though - might add those to my list! >:D

Thank you again for your awesome review!
- Annabelle

The product is cool I like tiles and magnetic bit of it ready for dungeons and dragons

Eyyy! Thank you so much! :D

So creative!

Just the happiest find - a creative, wonderful business with such quality products! Thank you!

Eyyyy! Thank you so much! :D :D I'm really glad you like the terrain and really appreciate the review!

Adventurer Pack
Kay Cheyne

Adventurer Pack

I like it

I have only used it a few times because our sessions have been moved back for family reasons (I play with a close group of IRL friends). However, that has given me more time to come up with ways to utilize the pieces. I am waiting to paint them until I get feedback from the group on what they think would work best (Have color palettes to show them) and I am looking forward to how it looks on these well made tiles. I am glad I made the purchase and I hope you keep up the excellent work!

Ahh! Scheduling is the bane of every D&D game I swear!
I'm really glad you like the terrain :D (also love that you have color palettes to show your group - I love the attention to detail!)

Thank you very much, and thank you for taking the time to write me a review! It genuinely means a lot :)

Oh I will definitely be keeping up! I have lot of ideas I can't wait to bring into real life! :D


Adventurer Pack
Christopher Burdess

They are fantastic and I've been using them in every game so far

Thank you so much! :D :D

Super product, super service!!

Ordered 2 x Dungeon lord packs and an Adventurers pack, all painted to commission. The products speak for themselves and work flawlessly, even with my minis that are magnetised with magnetic paper for transport.
Annabelle communicated throughout the process with indicated dates for delivery which was around 2 weeks during an incredibly busy time for Modular realms. This was significantly faster than expected and much faster than other terrain painting commissions I have previously made.
Overall, I am completely satisfied with the outstanding service and product I received, am looking forward to the angles/circles in the future to supplement my order!

Hey Gareth!

Thank you for writing such a lovely review! I really appreciate it :) :)
It was great to work with you and I'm really glad you liked the result! :D I'll get designing those next pieces! >:D

Thanks again! :D

Dungeon lord pack and some other stuffystuff

Annabelle is just amazing: the details, the commitment and the customer care are outstanding… sadly the brexit was a bit hard on my wallet (I’m in Italy) with customs costs, but it was worth anyway…
Yay her!

Eyyyy! Thank you! :D :D I really appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to write me a review! (sorry for slow reply to your review - but better late than never! ;) )

Yeah, customs since Brexit are an absolute poo for my European customers, I'm sorry about that. Once I've grown Modular Realms a bit more and got myself more established I hope to open a European warehouse to send from. I doubt it will be in 2024, but hopefully sooner rather than later!

Either way, thank you very much for your review. It was a real pleasure to work with you and I am really glad you were happy with the tiles!

Dungeon Lord Pack
Shaun Dawson

Just perfect!

Eyyyyyy! :D :D :D

Lovely tiles, lovely store

I ordered my first Modular Realms tiles about a year ago and I love them so much I bought a whole batch more! The standard sets are just what you need to get started and the "book" cases are great for storage. That being said, I couldn't get enough! With my second order, I tried this custom-painted set, and Annabelle is so nice to work with on the custom colors I wanted. The pieces turned out beautiful and I can't wait to pull out my new cave-colored tiles and fancy red flooring.
If (let's be real--when) I order again, I'll probably get more custom-painted pieces because these were great. Modular Realms has got at least one big fan across the pond ;)

Eyyyy! It was a lot of fun to paint! Your idea of getting a color scheme to match with Dwarven Forge tiles was a really good one! I might steal that and make it a regular option in the future ;)
You were a joy to work with!
And thank you for taking the time to write me a review - really appreciate it :) :)

Adventurer Pack
Hayley Tait
Amazing tiles!!

We brought this pack along with dungeon lord at UK games expo after seeing how good they were and buying a game at a previous stand that has squares on the board, we knew the tiles could be used for this game, we’ve since used them whilst playing the game and I love them! Can’t wait to purchase even more stuff in the future! I’ve also never been into painting, but I’ve enjoyed painting the wooden looking tiles, since watching the how to paint section on the sellers Twitch! Thank you for that!

Thanks Hayley! :D
I love that the terrain gets used for games other than Dungeons and Dragons! That makes me happy :)
Excited to hear you found my painting Twitch stream useful! :D That's awesome!! <3

Dungeon Lord Pack

I picked up the dungeon lord pack after being blown away by it at UK Games Expo.

If you're playing a game after work, terrain and scenery are the last things you consider when packing your bag. No one wants to carry chunky scenery on the tube!
Modular Realms solves this in a beautifully innovative way. The 1" grids are perfect for games of Relicblade or even Hero Quest.

Dungeon Lord Pack
Matthew Dixon
Exactly what I was looking for!

These tiles and walls are so flexible and quick to setup a new scene. I wanted walls I could easily add to battlemaps without hiding the map. I wanted to build vertically as well as horizontally. This set is convenient and looks great!

Thank you! I'm really happy to hear they works so well for you! :D
And thank you for reviewing my dungeon tiles, I really appreciate your support! :) :)