Painting Guide - Cobblestones

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Hey everyone! 


Today I thought I'd do a quick and easy painting guide for painting your cobblestone terrain, suitable for all levels! 

It takes next to no skill and yet I still get impressed comments from people looking at my terrain tiles.


You're going to need:

  • your primed cobblestone tiles
  • A bit of sponge (a sponge for doing dishes works just fine for me)
  • A soft brush of about medium size
  • Dark grey paint
  • Mid grey paint
  • Light grey paint
  • Dark wash
  • Brown wash

So let's go!

 How to paint dungeon tiles, painting terrain in cobblestone effect

And Bob's your badger! 


I like this technique because it's simple and easy to follow, but gives a really beautiful effect.


If you try it out on your own tiles, be sure to tag us on social media so we can share your paint job!  


Thank you for coming along for the ride! 


Modular Realms Cobblestone Terrain Painted

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