Beginner tutorial on how to paint Flagstones

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You may have seen my Dad's excellent work painting the plain stone surface of an Adventurer's Pack to look like coloured marble. In today's video we can see him painting the Flagstone tiles and he has written a little bit more about his process, and how he approaches painting as someone who has never painted terrain before (or at least, before I asked him to!). 

Over to you dad!



Although this blog related to painting flag stones, it is really about painting old paths. You know those classic paths that were laid 100+ years ago and aged over time. Could be a path going through a forest or a path leading to a house or something more sinister. Now in my example I have gone with the dirty grey with a bit of moss, but this could easily have been a shade or brown. Also this affect can also be used for your cobble stone pack as shown below with slightly different shades



As I said in the video there are lots of really cool videos showing you how to do a better job, but I wanted to show you how with limiting painting skills you can make your Modular Realm tiles look even more awesome.

So to recap on what I did in the video, I roughly painted several stones in different colour greys, from light to dark. I went put a black wash over the top which I initially rubbed off. I then applied some more black and also dabbed on green with a sponge, before then using a piece of kitchen roll to remove the paint. And that was it! The only colours I used were Black, White and Green

I hope this has showed how easy it is paint a cool effect and inspired you to do something even better  – now bambino’s get painting!

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