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 Bring your tabletop RPG games to life with our Dungeon Lord Pack! 

Contains 85 magnetic, double-sided, modular dungeon tiles. 


Pack Contains: 


1x1 double-sided floor tiles  - 15 pieces

2x2 double-sided floor tiles  - `15 pieces

3x3 double-sided floor tiles  - 15 pieces

1x1 cobblestone tiles - 30 pieces

2x1 cobblestone tiles - 10 pieces


85 tiles balanced across four different sized tiles.

The Dungeon Lord terrain set contains everything you need to build epic 3D battlemaps! It's the perfect size to build elaborate dungeons, towers and so much more. 


Four modular D&D dungeon tiles snapping together thanks to hidden magnets


These modular dungeon tiles snap together.

Build and rebuild as much as you like!



 This is because there are free-spinning magnets hidden within each terrain tile!


Say goodbye to fiddling with clips and hello to snap on accessories


A gif of the magnetic DnD dungeon tiles being used to quickly build up a 3D building

Builds vertically 

Not only is this system faster, it's also easier to build in three dimensions!

The world isn't 2 dimensional, your maps shouldn't be either!


Universal Connection

No more trying to force repelling magnets together!

These terrain tiles have magnets hidden inside that auto-rotate to always snap together.

A really smooth gif (if I do say so myself) of a modular realms dungeon tile spinning around showing off how it is double sided with a wooden texture and an outdoors flagstone effect


Modular Realms dungeon tiles aren't just magnetic, they're also double-sided!

This means each tile gives you twice as many options and you end up with less stuff to store!

In a way, you get twice as much bang for your buck! :D


Modular Realms dungeon tiles pack away into an epic looking book box! It was designed by one of my friends and players, Artelocat!


Tiles flatpack away 

Not the most exciting feature perhaps, but to those of us with limited storage space it's a very useful one!


You can even store your dungeon tiles in our Wizards Spellbook, a box disguised as an ancient tome on your bookshelf.

Choose from four surface textures available. 


As your Modular Realms dungeon tiles are double-sided, you can choose two of these textures for your tiles (one for each side). 

If you can't choose, just get a "Mixed Pack" and we'll send you a mix of all the textures. 


The four different terrain surface options for Modular Realms DnD Dungeon tiles are wood, cracked stone (1 inch squares with a network of interlocking cracks running across it), flagstone (a paving of different size and shape rectangular shapes made to look like a wall or road), and plain stone. The plain squares are great for pairing with dungeon decals.

This dungeon tileset comes unpainted, if you want a painted set go here!


The Dungeon Lord pack also includes magnetic walls that instantly snap onto floor tiles.


The modular dungeon tiles have the standard 1 inch grid incorporated into their design. The textures are deeply cut into the tile, make them easy to paint.


With their user-friendly design, these magnetic DnD tiles provide a practical and easy way for DMs to create memorable gaming sessions, even when time and space are limited.

Plus, they're just fun to play with!

And guess what else?


We plant trees with every order!


    One tree is planted in managed woodlands with every order of DnD dungeon tiles

    I am proud to tell you that with every order made a tree gets planted, taking us one step further into the restoration of our planets forests.

    I have partnered with One Tree Planted and all trees planted are done so in managed woodland as part of genuine sustainable projects.


    You're also supporting a small business!


    A picture of the founder of Modular Realms and maker of DnD Terrain Annabelle Collins. I'm smiling at the camera in a "I think my smile might have frozen" kind of way and the background is space because space is cool.

    I'm Annabelle :) I design all the terrain pieces myself.

    Modular Realms was a weekend crafting project that "accidentally snowballed" so I'm still a bit new to running a business!

    I'm trying to make Modular Realms the kind of business I would want to support. I hope you do too!

    I mean ... they're pretty awesome dungeon tiles if I do say so myself ... ;)



    Order your Modular Realms dungeon tiles today and take your tabletop RPG adventures to the next level! :D



    These tiles come unpainted but check out my painting guides!


    Painting Guide: Turning "cracked stone" texture into fiery lava

    Painting Guide: Ancient Stone Effect

    Painting Guide: Old Wooden Floor

    You can find more painting tutorials on my Youtube channel.


    Tiles are made in Yorkshire, the UK. Fun fact! The manufacturer I work with is based in a really nice medieval village. :D It's really cool to visit!

    Due to small parts and the inclusion of magnets, tiles are not suitable for children under 14. Magnets are dangerous if swallowed. Please don't eat the tiles or magnets, it will not be a good time for anyone involved!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    teddy bear
    more please!

    leaving this review because i got an email asking for a MUCH DESERVED 6/5 star review. i already left two reviews on the site complete with pictures. i want to buy a large pack of 4x4 tiles but cant seem to find any...

    James Billings
    I would give them 6 stars if i could!

    I purchased 2 of the dungeon lord sets, 1 floor pack set, and 3 of the taster packs to give me a wide variety and quantity of tiles. I received my package last week, and i am thrilled with these tiles!

    The shipping (to the U.S.) was fast and the tiles are beautiful, high quality, and durable. They connect easily and hold together well. The fact that the magnets spin to line up makes them significantly more versatile than other tiles and makes building in 3d very easy and practical to do. This is the biggest reason i bought these and what really sets them apart from all the other terrain tiles I've ever seen. I also make my own terrain (mostly from foam) and i am pleased to say these work great with that as well, even my magnetic pieces, again thanks to the spinning magnets.

    I immediately used them to make a massive arena for my weekly game this past weekend. I still need to paint them, but even unpainted all my players were very impressed and really enjoyed the immersiveness that these brought to the table.

    I also love the storage "books" that the sets came in. Brilliant idea! Though I don't know how often I'll actually be storing these as they are going to get regular use in my weekly game.

    I am so pleased with these I plan on purchasing more in the future.

    Karianne M Law
    The best terrain!

    We’ve already had so much fun building maps with the terrain. It’s so easy to create a new design,

    Smart Dungeon Tiles

    Bought 2 Packs: Dungeon Lord and Variety Floor. Shipment was fast, but EU customers should keep in mind the additional taxes. Service was excellent. My own painting skills not so much, as you can see on the picture.
    Will use the products to assemble small to medium dungeons. This can be done very quickly and due to the magnets the whole thing is quite stable and can easily be moved - 5 Stars for a really smart idea and useful product.

    Stephen Carter
    Stellar product and service!

    This is the second Dungeon Lord Pack I have ordered. The delivery from the UK to Texas was extremely fast, the book box that it comes in is not only useful but looks great with my game books and the tiles are just delightfully useful! I run on the fly a lot and these let me just go with my on the spot ideas. Some 3d builds I used on top of a magnatiles board as well.