Taster Set - 10 3x3 tiles

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As requested, we have a pack of 10 3x3 magnetic, double-sided dungeon tiles available to purchase.


This pack is perfect as a taster set, or for speedy scene building and making quick backgrounds when taking close up pictures of your minis. 


Pack Contains:

10 3x3 double-sided tiles  (90 square inches)



Tiles come unpainted :) Check out my painting videos on YouTube and Live painting tutorials on Twitch!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Darren Shilhan
Great value & convenience

Great value addition to my MR collection. Nice to be able to add the tiles in these packs for a very reasonable price. Used them straight away in a game where we needed to quickly put down the imprints of some buildings - so easy!

James Billings
I would give them 6 stars if i could!

I purchased 2 of the dungeon lord sets, 1 floor pack set, and 3 of the taster packs to give me a wide variety and quantity of tiles. I received my package last week, and i am thrilled with these tiles!

The shipping (to the U.S.) was fast and the tiles are beautiful, high quality, and durable. They connect easily and hold together well. The fact that the magnets spin to line up makes them significantly more versatile than other tiles and makes building in 3d very easy and practical to do. This is the biggest reason i bought these and what really sets them apart from all the other terrain tiles I've seen. I also make my own terrain (mostly from foam) and i am pleased to say these work great with that as well, even my magnetic pieces, again thanks to the spinning magnets.

I immediately used them to make a massive arena for my weekly game this past weekend. I still need to paint them, but even unpainted all my players were very impressed and really enjoyed the immersiveness that these brought to the table.

I also love the storage "books" that the sets came in. Brilliant idea! Though I don't know how often I'll actually be storing these as they are going to get regular use in my weekly game.

I am so pleased with these I plan on purchasing more in the future.