Do you ship to my country?


Modular Realms ships worldwide! We've sent our dungeon tiles to over 30 countries!



Do you sell painted terrain sets?


Yes we do! Terrain is hand painted by me (Annabelle) so if I'm backed up with commissions it may be out of stock for a while.

If you've been waiting for painted terrain to get back in stock for a while, feel free to shout at me through Discord to get on with more painting! ;) (or politely email contact@modularrealms.com to ask when they’re next back in stock if that is more your style ;) )



Do you sell STL files?


Not yet! Annabelle is planning on introducing some soon, you should start to see them arriving around May this year (2024)



Do you send dungeon tiles to Europe?


We do send terrain sets to Europe. Sadly since Brexit (grumble grumble) our European friends have to pay customs on tilesets.

The exact percentage will change depending on how much your country charges for customs, but it’s usually around 20%



Is your terrain compatible with Dwarvern Forge or WarLock?


Yes! Modular Realms dungeon tiles are compatible with most leading terrain systems in terms of size, since we all use the same 1 inch grid traditionally used in tabletop gaming. 

Many of my customers happily blend terrain packs from both our companies (and others such as WarLock or Ettinstone tiles) to great effect.

Dwarven Forge tiles are half an inch thick whilst Modular Realms tiles are a quarter of an inch thick so there is some height difference which can be a bad or good thing depending how you look at it.

The exception is Dungeon and Lasers, who make tiles are made larger than the standard 1 inch system, so there is a size difference there.



How big is the book box the tiles come in?


The book box that the Dungeon Lord, Variety Pack and Quick-build pack come in is 25 x 18 x 4.5 cm



Is Modular Realms a UK or New Zealand based business?


I started Modular Realms when on medical leave as a student at the University of Auckland. I used the time off to work on making some terrain for my D&D home game. The idea took off and I remained in Auckland after her degree starting up Modular Realms.

Sadly my visa was coming to an end so I decided to move back to the UK to live with my wonderful parents.

Modular Realms is now a UK business and at the moment I work from “The Tavern”, a workshop my parents and I built at the end of their garden.



Where are the dungeon tiles made?


Annabelle is proud to say that she works with UK manufacturers and all the dungeon tiles are made in Yorkshire, UK.



How can I track my parcel?


Once we ship a parcel, you will be sent an email update with the tracking number.

Please note, whilst Annabelle (or more accurately her mum, the Overworked Apprentice) endeavour to ship orders the day of or next day, it may take us one-two days to send your order if we’re busy or a family event happens!

If you can’t find your tracking number, please check your junk box if it hasn’t shown up.

If after this you still cannot find an email with your tracking number, let Annabelle know at contact@modularrealms.com and she will investigate!



Do you offer free returns?


Yup! We offer free returns within 30 days in new condition.