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Oh man you guys! The kickstarter hasn't even gone live yet and already crazy things are happening! 

So ... my little DnD project (as it was six months ago) was in the Sunday paper this morning! Like ... actually in the paper, that I sometimes read in coffee shops. I could sit down in a coffee shop and see a picture of my face. 

It's incredibly exciting and humbling to have people get as interested in the project as they have been and it only makes me more eager to get to the point of releasing the terrain into the wild! 

Feel free to check out the article at https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/120188763/how-a-car-crash-and-brain-injury-changed-an-auckland-womans-life-for-the-better

So, what have I been doing this week? (beyond going to a news studio and playing with game terrain in front of photographers for an hour)

Well, as you hopefully will have seen - we have our first giveaway! We have beautiful wooden status tokens for those of you on Twitter. Just retweet the picture and follow us to be in to win them (unless of course you're reading this some time in the future after 19.03.20, then sorry dude!).

I've also been working on the cobblestone / wall set and have had a lot of fun either making little cobbled pathways or placing them upright on wooden tiles, seeing which magnet polarities work and what weird and wonderful shaped rooms I can make with them.

I've also been filming and editing the kickstarter video which has been a huge undertaking in itself. I rather naively thought it wouldn't take too long to make as I wasn't going too complicated. Boy was I wrong!

The Kickstarter is due to launch 31/03/2020 12pm NZDT so watch that space!

I will be sure to keep you up to date with any exciting new happenings! 

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