Wagons Roll!

Posted by Annabelle Collins on

Game pieces - designed.

Manufacturing - underway.

Beta testing - completed.

It looks like it's time for this show to hit the road! :D

Hey guys! Modular Realms has been a labour of love for many months now. It's finally come to the point where I can put the website live, pictures on the internet and show you guys just how awesome this all is! 

This is a really exciting stage for me as it means that rather than just hearing feedback from my friends and players I can now get to hear what you all think! What designs do you like best? What do you want to see more of in the future?

I can’t wait for when the Kickstarter hits and I can start selling! One of the things I’m most looking forward to is seeing how you use them in your games, what maps you build and how you paint them. There's going to be so many cool ideas in the next six weeks!

Ok, to business! Upcoming dates of interest:

Friday 6th March - new pack revealed

Friday 13th March (lucky for some) - community give away on Twitter!

Tuesday 24th March - Kickstarter goes live!!!

Monday 27th April - first packs are sent out

And somewhere in the mix of that is my birthday, it's going to be a great few months!

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