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Rayzak the Fire Giant has sent you into the depths of the mines on a quest. Tiny creatures are bothering him, stealing his metals. But creatures small for him could be formidable for you. As you press deeper, you hear a skittering. Is that coming from up ahead? No. It's coming from beneath your feet...

The Kobold Den is a free tabletop RPG map as part of our Encounter of the Week series. Designed with the Modular Realms’ Adventurer's Floor Tiles pack, this free D&D map can also be changed to work with other roleplaying systems.

Check it out here! The Kobold Den encounter free download

Our encounters are free to download and print for personal use. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think could be interested; however, please don’t further publish the PDF online or in print without the author’s written consent.

Fast-paced, surprising, and unconventional, this encounter will keep your players on their toes. I find that low-level creatures are rarely interesting once players have some levels under their belt, so this map attempts to counteract that. Unlike my previous encounters of the week, this one isn't specifically designed for any level. Instead, I suggest starting out with between 5 and 10 kobolds, and have more join into the fight as necessary. I put only 8 kobolds against level 7 players for a short and sweet encounter. It was fun, and allowed players to think outside of the box. On the PDF, you can find a photo of the map and details about each part of the corridor. The PDF also has a good starting blurb to set the scene, a brief overview of the encounter, a backstory for those characters that like asking questions, and a few extra tips for running your game! To help with organisation, it’s designed so you have the essentials all on one page.

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