The Forgotten Chambers - Free RPG Encounter

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As you peer down into the darkness, the hairs tingle on the back of your neck. This gouge in the earth didn't exist mere hours ago. Now, the cavernous blackness beckons to you with promises of treasure and adventure. What could be down there?

The Forgotten Chambers is our first free tabletop RPG map as part of our new Encounter of the Week series. Designed with the Modular Realms’ Adventurer's Floor Tiles pack, this free D&D map can also be changed to work with other roleplaying systems. 

The Forgotten Chambers - Free tabletop RPG map

Mystery, treasure, and unimaginable horrors - this encounter has it all! Inspired by the moss growing on our driveway, our D&D cave map has a bit of a fungal theme. It’s designed for 4 players of level 3 (again, in the D&D 5e system), but you could easily add in a few more fungus monsters to make it a challenge for a higher level party. On the PDF, you can find a photo of the map and details about what’s in each room. The PDF also has a good starting blurb to set the scene, a brief overview of the encounter, a backstory for those characters that like asking questions, and a few extra tips for running your game! To help with organisation, it’s designed so you have the essentials all on one page.

Our Forgotten Chambers encounter is free to download and print for personal use. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think could be interested; however, please don’t further publish the PDF online or in print without the author’s written consent.

 Finally, what you've been waiting for: The Forgotten Chambers encounter free download

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