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Turns out I've written quite a few blogs now so here's a handy-dandy contents page! ^ ^


A party of dungeons and dragons adventurers looking out over a beautiful fantasy landscape



Dungeon Master Tips


An Introduction to D&D for beginners

What is Dungeons and Dragons, D&D explained

What is a Dungeon Master? D&D Explained
How to be a Dungeon Master on a Budget, DM tips
How to run a great session zero, Dungeon Master Tips
How to make D&D character sheets easier to understand DM tips
Adding flavor to your D&D Games, Dungeon Master Tips
How to make Dungeons and Dragons combat easier to understand, DM tips
How to make Non-player characters NPCs feel believable in D&D DM tips
Running Dungeon Master Player Characters (DMPCs) effectively DM tips
What to do when your players derail the campaign, DM tips




D&D Explained

Understanding Dungeons and Dragons stats, how do D&D stats work, D&D explained
D&D 5e Challenge Rating explained, What is CR Dungeons and Dragons
Understanding Dungeons and Dragons combat turns and rounds, D&D 5e explained
Blog cover for my article explaining how to calculate DnD armor class with an image of Ethel the elderly knight on the front

Painting Guides



Painting Guide - The Floor is Lava!


Painting Guide: How to make realistic mossy dungeon tiles

two dnd miniatures stood on cool realistic modular dungeon tiles. A painting tutorial for making beautiful dnd terrain with flock and sand in the edges


Painting Guide - Wooden Floorboards in three steps.


A D&D Magic Item Prestipotty

5 Fun Tabletop Adventure ideas for when you need some inspiration

5 Fun Tabletop Adventure ideas for when you need some inspiration




I make magnetic modular dnd dungeon tiles to make epic snap-together battlemaps for all your TTRPG needs!

Annabelle Collins, Chief Artificer of Modular Realms and inventor of the auto-snapping magnetic system. She loves playing DnD games with her friends and crafting DnD Scenery


Hi! I'm Annabelle! I'm the author of this blog and a huge nerd!

I also make magnetic, double-sided, modular dungeon tiles!

My DnD terrain contains secret spinning magnets so that each piece snaps instantly to every other. They even come in a box disguised as a spellbook to store away on your bookshelf!

They're really cool, you should totally check them out here!

Modular Realms magnetic dnd terrain, basically a banner with a dungeon tileset I do laid out as different battlemaps and shown with the book box packaging

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