Adventurer's Floor Tiles - Reversible Wood / Flagstones

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Available for Pre-order April!


A beginner pack of 18 modular, magnetic floor tiles, making up 59 square inches of battle ground. Floor tiles are designed to be made up of individual one inch squares that quickly snap together and can be rearranged to make whatever shape dungeon required.

These tiles are reversible wooden floorboards / flagstones for use in both courtyards and streets or inside taverns or halls, allowing gameplay in two areas for the price of one! Build diverse dungeon lay outs, corridors or rooms or incorporate them into other sets to make even more exciting builds! 

1x1 - 8 pieces

2x2 - 8 pieces

3x3 - 2 pieces

These tiles come pre-primed but unpainted.

Tiles are made of PLA+ plastic, easily recyclable and sourced from biomass. 


Due to small parts, tiles are not suitable for children under 3. Please don't eat the tiles or magnets!