Painted set of wood / flagstone tiles

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This set comes pre-painted, sealed with both a gloss varnish and matt varnish.

Pre-painted tiles are perfect for those without the time or inclination to paint their terrain and are ready to use straight out of the box!


This is a pack of 30 modular, magnetic floor tiles, making up a whopping 270 square inches of battle ground! Floor tiles quickly snap together and can be rearranged to make whatever shape dungeon required, with the standard one-inch grid incorporated cleverly into all the designs.

These tiles are double sided with wooden floorboards on one side and dungeon flagstones on the other.

Create everything from ruined dungeons to bustling taverns with these versatile game pieces! 


Terrain comes packaged in our Wizards Tome box with magnetic clasp, keeping your terrain safe and secure on your bookshelf!


Pack contains:

3x3 double-sided floor tiles  - 30 pieces

Tiles are made in Yorkshire, England.


Due to small parts, tiles are not suitable for children under 3. Magnets are dangerous if swallowed. Please don't eat the tiles or magnets, it will not be a good time for anyone involved!