Introducing the worlds best magic item ... The Prestipotty!

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Ok, now I’ll admit no one asked for this, but I am about to give you the best magic item ever invented for Dungeons and Dragons.

I present to you …

This magical chamber pot is enchanted to produce the “You instantaneously clean an object no larger than 1 cubic foot” affect from the cantrip “Prestidigitation” on the contents of the pot when activated. The Prestipotty is activated by placing a thumb of the central inscribed rune. Used correctly, it has 1000 charges per day.


The Prestipotty is an essential magic item for any DnD campaign! It is essentially a magic toilet, vanishing away waste. Ok, I know it doesn’t sound glamorous, but think of how many problems it solves!


The technicalities of producing a Prestipotty as a magic item


The Magic Item Prestipotty filled with gold DnD 5e

Ok, so here’s a run down of how I made the Prestipotty.

From the Magic Item Rarity Table in the Dungeon Master’s Guide we see that a magic item containing up to a 1st level spell is deemed common.

When we look at the rules of crafting a magic item we see that a common magic item costs 100 gp and takes four 8-hour days to produce. That’s for a 1st level spell though, for a cantrip I might halve it. It’s also worth bearing in mind when thinking of the cost that we are only enchanting it to use one effect for prestidigitation out of a possible six.

So with that in mind, a Prestipotty might take a second level caster two days to produce with 40 gp worth of ingredients.


How much do we need to pay this caster for their time though?


Magic Item Prestipotty used as fantasty toilets for DnD 5e

Well, someone living a wealthy lifestyle such as “highly successful merchants or the owner of a few small businesses” earns 1200 sp a month (4 gp / day) according to the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

I think it would be fair to pay our Caster that.

In theory a Prestipotty would cost 58 gold pieces to produce in two days. It might well be sold at between 80-150 gp depending on what sort of profit margin the owner is going for.

That makes Prestipottys expensive, but affordable enough to be seen in places like guild houses, upper class homes, theatres etc.

In my homebrew world, in towns across the Empire it is not unheard of for there to a be a restroom with a Prestipotty open for public use. In the cities, these public toilets are deemed an essential public service.

I like to think this invention was sponsored by a Noble Leader trying to solve the problem of drains and uncomfortable sewer smells in the summer in their city and that's what keeps the price affordable.

A fantasy city surrounded by bad smells Magic Item Prestipotty DnD 5e

Effect of having Prestipotty’s as common magic items in the world


The BBEG Lair in a sewer DnD 5e

Having Prestipotty’s in large towns reduces the need for drainage systems, and often mean that what sewers exist in cities are relics of the past.

Disused sewers smell of stagnant water and act like humanoid-made caverns with their own thriving ecosystems.

Plus, who knows what nefarious servants of the BBEG may be looking for a nice quiet spot to set up their secret experiment chamber?

Prestipotty’s differ vastly from non-magical toilets as they remove the waste from its existential form entirely, rather than moving it to another area. This has lead to a vast reduction in waterborne diseases and increased quality of drinking water in my cities.

This in turn leads to a much lower mortality rate and makes the medieval-fantasy period just that little bit more appealing to me!

In areas such as training barracks there may be a number of Prestipotty’s in one room, much like Roman latrines. I imagine that may lend itself to some entertaining roleplay (well, entertaining if you have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy … which I do!).

So there we have it! The magic item no one asked for!

The magic item nobody asked for, made for dungeons and dragons 5e

I don’t know if you’ve ever been kept awake wondering about magical sanitation systems in your dungeons and dragons game, but just in case you have, I’ve got your back.


Picture of lavender to ward off smells Magic Item Prestipotty DnD 5e
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