Cottage 3x3

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Little flatpack cottage with reversible floor. All individual pieces snap together to make the cottage or can be incorporated into other packs to make bigger buildings, towers, villages etc.

Choose between wooden floorboards or flagstones for your cottage interior. The cottage has an opening door and a working chimney. Put a lit incense cone in the cottage for smoke to be seen rising out of the chimney!

Set contains:

2x3 Plain drystone wall

2 2x3 drystone wall with arched windows

1 2x3 drystone wall with opening door

2 timber and drystone gables

2 slate roofs, one with chimney

1 3x3 reversible floor tiles (choose 2 of stone, cracked stone, wood and flag stones)


Due to small parts, tiles are not suitable for children under 3. Please don't eat the tiles or magnets!